Hi! I am Natalia, welcome to Youth Recipes!

I have been on a personal health and beauty quest for the past twenty years. I am now 41 years old and have a long history of being a diligent student and self-experimenter in the field of health, beauty, and self-improvement.

For over 15 years of my life I had a successful career working for a fortune 100 company. I had an opportunity to work with amazing business leaders that taught me accountability, resilience, and the importance of authenticity. Today, I am focused on developing a business of holistic wellbeing and beauty for women.

Beauty today is more focused on everything natural, transparent and genuine. We are slowly becoming more open to, and less scared of, showing our real selves. But women could still go further on this journey of liberation. Real beauty is real you.

It takes courage to let your unique beauty shine, but the reward is worth the effort. That’s why I created this place for women to learn, connect, and get inspired.

My passion is true self-care that nourishes from within and empowers us to be unashamedly ourselves.