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Facial Cupping Set of 2

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Cupping is an ancient healing technique that has been shown to be extremely effective at releasing soft tissue tension, clearing toxicity, and promoting regeneration.  

Cupping therapy works by creating vacuum pressure between the cup and the soft tissue, mobilizing blood flow, and promoting healing. Traditional cupping is done statically: the cup remains in one spot for a duration of time. Facial cupping, on the other hand, is a dynamic practice: the cup is in constant motion and is never left in one spot. 

The benefits of facial cupping:

  • natural soft tissue rejuvenation, by mobilizing your body's resources
  • releasing micro-adhesions in connective tissue
  • rebuilding capillaries  
  • diminishing large pores, skin improvement
  • fine lines and wrinkles reduction
  • improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow
  • puffiness reduction
  • and so much more!

The set comes with detailed instructions, please, follow those for best results! 

SOURCING: Made of medical-grade glass and rubber blend.  


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